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Aira caryophyllea L.

Brief Summary

    Aira caryophyllea: Brief Summary
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    Aira caryophyllea is a species of grass known by the common name silver hairgrass. This is a species of bunchgrass which is native to Europe.

    It has been introduced to other continents, including North America, where it is naturalized and common.

    Aira caryophyllea is a light green grass which has a silvery sheen on its spikelets before it dries and becomes straw-colored to white. The spikelets are borne on a spreading panicle inflorescence.

    Brief Summary
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    Aira caryophyllea is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa, with particular concentration in southwestern Europe; however, the species is presently a widespread alien species in North America, South America and Australia. Typical habitats are dry mountain grassland, coastal prairies and other open ecosystems. The species prefers sandy soils, has an affinity for waste spaces.

    Silver hairgrass is an annual species that does not exceed one meter in height. The common name derives from the silvery appearance of the early season grass, although in the later season it turns whitish.

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