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    Corioxenidae: Brief Summary
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    The Corioxenidae are an insect family of the order Strepsiptera. Species in this family are parasites of heteropteran bugs including the Pentatomidae, Scutelleridae, Cydnidae, Coreidae, and Lygaeidae. The males lack mandibles. Three subfamilies within this family are recognized. The subfamilies are separated using morphology of the males, particularly on the basis of the number of tarsi and the presence of tarsal claws.

    Corioxeninae Kinzelbach, 1970 Corioxenos Blair, 1936 Floridoxenos Kathirithamby and Peck, 1994 Loania Kinzelbach, 1970 Perissozocera Johnson, 1976 Australoxenos Kathirithamby, 1990 Blissoxenos Miyamoto & Kifune, 1984 Malayaxenos Kifune, 1981 Mufagaa Kinzelbach, 1980 Viridipromontorius Luna de Carvalho, 1985 Triozocerinae Kinzelbach, 1970 Triozocera Pierce, 1909 Dundoxenos Luna de Carvalho, 1956 Uniclavinae Kathirithamby, 1989 Uniclavus Kathirithamby, 1989 Proceroxenos Pohl, Katbeh-Bader & Schneider, 1996

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