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Large Leaved Dragon Tree

Dracaena aletriformis (Haw.) Bos

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    Dracaena aletriformis
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    Dracaena aletriformis is commonly known as the Large-leaved Dragon Tree. These plants are found in forest in the eastern areas of South Africa from Port Elizabeth to northern and eastern Gauteng.[2] They are also found in Swaziland,[2] but are most common in the coastal and dune forests of KwaZulu-Natal.[3]


    This plant has 8 synonyms.[1] In the APG III classification system, the genus Dracaena is placed in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Nolinoideae (formerly the family Ruscaceae).[4]) It has also been placed in the Agavaceae (now the subfamily Agavoideae) and the Dracaenaceae. Like many lilioid monocots, it was formerly placed in the family Liliaceae (lily family).[2]


    Single stemmed or branched (usually at the base). The leaves are large and strap-shaped in rosettes at the tips of the stem/s. The leaves are leathery, shiny, and dark green, with whitish margins. These plants may grow up to 4 m tall. The flowers are produced on a much branched flowering head. The flowers are silvery-white and described as sweetly[3] or strongly[2] scented. The two-lobed berry-like fruit ripen to a reddish-orange colour.

    Ecological Significance

    The flowers open from late afternoon to early morning and attract night-active pollinator moths. Birds eat the fruit; helping to remove the orange pulp which contains a growth inhibitor that otherwise slows germination of the seeds.[2] Snails and the larvae of the Bush Night Fighter butterfly, Artitropa erinnys, feed on the leaves.[2][5] Birds and mice nest among the leaves of these plants.[3]


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    A group of D. aletriformis in dune vegetation.
    Fruit of D. aletriformis.
    Surrounded by Isoglossa woodii in dune vegetation.
    A young specimen.


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