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Queensland Mountain Lily

Doryanthes palmeri W. Hill ex Benth.

Brief Summary

    Doryanthes palmeri: Brief Summary
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    Doryanthes palmeri, also known as the giant spear lily, is one of only two species of plant in the genus Doryanthes and the family Doryanthaceae, both being endemic to eastern Australia. It grows in a rosette and the leaves can reach the length of about 3 m (10 ft). The flowers arise in springtime on a stalk which may reach 5 m (16 ft) in height. A succulent herb, its leaves are hairless and grow in the shape of a sword. The giant spear lily is listed as Vulnerable under the New South Wales Threatened Species Act (1995).


    Doryanthes palmeri plant


    Doryanthes palmeri flowers

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