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    Seven-colored tanager: Brief Summary
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    The seven-colored tanager (Tangara fastuosa) is a vulnerable species of bird in the family Thraupidae. It is endemic to forests in north-eastern Brazil. It resembles the overall greener green-headed tanager; a species confusingly known as the seven-coloured tanager (saíra-sete-cores) in Portuguese.

    The Seven-colored tanager is a 13.5 cm bird named for the spectacular coloration of its feathers.

    Turquoise-green: Head, chin and mantle Black: Lores, area around bill, back, shoulders, and throat Bright blue: Breast and edge of tail Ultramarine blue: Belly Paler turquoise-blue: Wing-coverts Dark blue: Edging to wing feathers Orange: Edging to tertials, rump and lower back

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