Scientific Names


Anaxyrus fowleri (Hinckley 1882)
Recognized by NCBI
Bufo compactilis fowleri Linsdale 1940
Bufo fowleri
Recognized by NCBI
Bufo fowleri Dickerson 1906
Bufo fowleri Hinckley 1882
Bufo fowleri Sanders 1987
Bufo hobarti Sanders 1987
Bufo lentiginosus fowleri Garman 1884
Bufo lentiginosus fowlerii Cope 1875
Bufo velatus Sanders 1986
Bufo woodhousii fowleri Smith 1934
Bufo woodhousii velatus Bragg & Sanders 1951
Bufo (Anaxyrus) fowleri Fouquette & Dubois 2014

Common Names

Dutch; Flemish

Fowlers pad


Fowler's Toad preferred
crapaud de Fowler
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