Brief Summary

Comprehensive Description


    Distribution and Habitat
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    Ambana, An’Ala, Andasibe, Andringitra (Sahavatoy river), Anjanaharibe-Sud, Ankeniheny, Ivohibe, Mananara, Marojejy, near Ifanadiana, Sahafary.


    Life History, Abundance, Activity, and Special Behaviors
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    Habits: Has only been found in primary forest and breeds in slow-moving stretches of forest brooks. Calling males were observed during the night. Males call from vegetation, 20-50 cm above the water in slow-moving portions of small streams.

    Calls: A long pulsed chirping note and a rapid series of 5-6 short pulsed notes.

    Eggs and tadpoles: Near the calling males at Andasibe, the remaining jelly of some clutches, probably belonging to this species, was still hanging from the vegetation over the brook (0.7 m above water).