Scientific Names


Hyperolius marginatus marginatus Laurent 1976
Hyperolius melanoleucus melanoleucus Laurent 1943
Hyperolius albofasciatus Hoffman 1944
Hyperolius angolensis straeleni Laurent 1943
Hyperolius argentovittis Ahl 1931
Hyperolius brieni Laurent 1943
Hyperolius callichromus Ahl 1931
Hyperolius decipiens Ahl 1931
Hyperolius graueri Ahl 1931
Hyperolius marginatus albofasciatus Laurent 1976
Hyperolius marginatus argentovittis Laurent 1976
Hyperolius marginatus melanoleucus Laurent 1976
Hyperolius marmoratus albofasciatus Loveridge 1953
Hyperolius marmoratus argentovittis Laurent 1952
Hyperolius marmoratus marginatus Poynton & Broadley 1987
Hyperolius marmoratus marginatus Poynton 1964
Hyperolius marmoratus melanoleucus Laurent 1965
Hyperolius melanoleucus Laurent 1941
Hyperolius parallelus albofasciatus Stevens 1974
Hyperolius parallelus argentovittis Schiøtz 1975
Hyperolius reesi Poynton 1991
Hyperolius undulatus Ahl 1931
Hyperolius viridiflavus melanoleucus Schiøtz 1975
Hyperolius viridiflavus reesi Schiøtz 1982
Rappia marginata Günther 1869
Rappia undulata Boulenger 1901

Common Names

There are no common names associated with this taxon.

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