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Ceriomyces auriporus (Peck) Murrill, Mycologia 1 : 147. 1909
Boletus auriporus Peck, Ann. Rep. N. Y. State Cab. 23 : 133. 1872.
Boletus innixus Frost, Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 2 : 103. 1874. (Type from Vermont.)
Boletus caespiiosusY^Qk.,^v\.^orx^y QXvy^ZJ 17. 1900. (T3'pe from Virginia.)
Pileus circular, plano-convex, 2^ cm. broad, 0.5-1 cm. thick ; surface reddish-brown or yellowish-brown, rarely grayish-brown, sometimes brown with a reddish-yellow tint or reddish-brown in the center and olivaceous toward the margin, glabrous or minutely tomentose, slightly areolate at times with age, the interstices appearing yellow, usually dry, but somewhat viscid in wet weather ; margin even, thin , somewhat obtuse, slightly inflexed on drying, concolorous: context firm, fleshy, 3-5 mm. thick, white, unchangeable, tinged with red under the cuticle, at first mild, then unpleasant to the taste, the cuticle decidedly acid ; tubes plane or convex, adnate or nearly free, with a broad shallow depression about the stipe, 3-5 mm. long, bright golden-yellow, unchanging, even after years in the herbarium, mouths concolorous, variable in size, small and circular when young, medium or large and
irregularly polygonal when old, edges thin, entire : spores oblong-ellipsoid, curved at one
end, lemon-yellow, 8-10 X 4-5 /t^ : stipe central, short, slender, curved, tapering upward,
nearly glabrous, pulverulent under a lens, slimy in wet weather, concolorous or paler, slightly
striate above from the decurrent edges of the tubes, solid, white or discolored-yellowish
tinged with red within, 2-4 cm. long, 4-8 mm. thick.
Type locality : North Elba, New York. Habitat : Thin dry woods and shaded roadsides. Distribution : New Bngland to Alabama.
bibliographic citation
William Alphonso MurrilI, Gertrude Simmons BurIingham, Leigh H Pennington, John Hendly Barnhart. 1907-1916. (AGARICALES); POLYPORACEAE-AGARICACEAE. North American flora. vol 9. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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