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Pileolaria extensa Arthur, sp. nov
Pycnia amphigenous, thickiy scattered over large areas, preceding or among the uredinia, papillose, honey-yellow becoming blackish, subcuticular, flattened-hemispherical, 75-100," broad, half as high.
Uredinia amphigenous and caulicolous, eveniy and thickiy effused over young shoots and leaves, causing more or less atrophy, crowded, round, small, 0.25 mm. across, early naked, exceedingly pulverulent, dark cinnamon-brown, ruptured epidermis inconspicuous ; urediniospores fusiform-ellipsoid or fusiform-obovate, 16-24 by 28-38//, obtuse or sometimes acute at both ends; wall dark golden-brown, often semihyaline both at apex and below, thick, 3-3.5//, thicker above 4-7 [i, verrucose with low tubercles, not crowded, liaving a tendency to be arranged in longitudinal rows, pores small, obscure, probably 3,
equatorial .
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur. 1907. UREDINALES; COLEOSPORIACEAE, UREDINACEAE, AECIDIACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 7(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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