Eurotium chevalieri

Слика од <i>Eurotium chevalieri</i>


Here's a fungus you might have in your house. In nature, you can find these growing in the soil and on plant seeds. They tend to infect nuts and oil seeds. For example, if you buy a coconut and find it to have a moldy smell/taste, this particular fungus may be the one responsible. (And yes, I know a coconut is not actually a nut but they do contain a lot of oils.) But they also love to grow in cotton. And carpets, mattresses and inside of HVAC units! Unfortunately, for those with allergies and weak immune systems, this fungus can be allergenic with toxicity similar to Aspergillus. Some sources I've found actually claim this to be the sexually reproducing form of the conidial Aspergillus. It is an inhalation risk for people with weakened immune systems, so we usually keep the plates sealed during lab. One of the molds you do not really want to have growing inside your home! They make ascospores inside bright yellow cleistothecia and these spores are actually quite heat-resistant in comparison to the asexual conidia. If you find this fungus growing on your cotton shirt and try to kill it by steaming, there's a good chance some of the ascospores will survive the treatment. They just laugh at 70-80C. Boiling finally kills them.

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