Image of <i>Sylphella puccoon</i> Rodriguez, Fend & Lenat 2014


Figure 2.Sylphella puccoon gen. n., sp. n. A Anterior part of the worm, showing prostomium B clitellar epidermis C chaeta in XII D egg sac containing oocytes and some blood vessels E dorsal vessel showing the cardiac cells and supra-intestinal vessel, dorsal to the intestine in segment XVII F reproductive segments, showing two atria, with their respective sperm funnels, and spermathecae of an unmated specimen G sperm funnel on the septum behind the atrium H atrial ampulla with sperm in the lumen, showing the several layers of musculature I prostatic cells forming small clusters over the atrial ampulla J cross-hatched muscular fibers shown at the surface of the atrial ampulla K Spermathecal ampulla with loose sperm in the lumen L spermathecal duct M penis within the penial sac, with conical penial sheath. For comparison N penis with tubular cuticular sheath in Styloscolex japonicus, and O penis with a soft cuticular layer in Lumbriculus japonicus. D, E, G–O histological sections of reproductive organs, other photographs from stained whole mounts or dissected specimens.

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Pilar Rodriguez, Steven V. Fend, David R. Lenat
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Rodriguez P, Fend S, Lenat D (2014) Sylphella puccoon gen. n., sp. n. and two additional new species of aquatic oligochaetes (Lumbriculidae, Clitellata) from poorly-known lotic habitats in North Carolina (USA) ZooKeys (451): 1–32
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