Image of Arcyria obvelata

Image of Arcyria obvelata


Syn.: Arcyria nutans (Bull) Grev - Habitat: Overgrown former grassland; dominant trees Ailanthus altissima, Fraxinus ornus, Corylus avellana, Fagus sylvatica, Juglans regia, Tilia sp., Prunus domestica; next to an abandoned farmhouse; flat terrain, calcareous ground; full shade, quite humid and relatively warm place, partly protected from direct rain by tree canopies; average precipitation ~ 3.000 mm/year, average temperature 7-9 deg C, elevation 590 m (1.950 feet), alpine phytogeographical region. - Substratum: vertical surface of dead, still standing trunk of Juglans regia partly still in bark fully covered by a Polyporaceae, probably Inonotus sp.; about 1 m (three feet) above ground, northeast oriented surface of the trunk. - Comment: Long, hanging and very shortly stipitate sporocarps distinguish this species from others in Myxomycetes genus Arcyria. Sporocarps 8 - 13 mm long, about 1 mm diameter, flexible. Stalk very short, hard to observe, almost sessile sporocarps; sporocarps ocher-yellow, oac848; SP abundant, ocher-yellow, oac 856. - Spores subglobose and almost smooth, scattered warts hardly visible with my equipment. Dimensions: 8.7 (SD = 0.3) x 8.3 (SD = 0,2) μ, Q = 1.05 (SD = 0.02), n = 30. Olympus CH20, NEA 100x/1.25, magnification 1.000 x, oil, (picture of spores and capillitium threads). Bausch & Lomb 4/0.10, magnification 40x, in water (picture of capillitium). AmScope MA500 digital camera. - Ref.: (1) B. Ing, The Myxomycetes of Britain and Ireland, The Richmond Publ. Co.Ltd, (1999), p 113. (2) http://www.bcrc.firdi.org.tw/fungi/fungal_detail.jsp?id=FU200802090023 (3) http//hiddenforest.co.nz/slime/family/arcyriaceae/arcyr03.htm

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