Image of Perenniporia fraxinea (Bull.) Ryvarden 1978

Image of Perenniporia fraxinea (Bull.) Ryvarden 1978


Slo.: jesenov večnoluknjičar - Habitat: A small opening in a fragment of an old Fagus sylvatica alpine forest, nearly full sun, fully exposed to direct rain, precipitations ~3.000 mm/year, average temperature 3-5 deg C, elevation 1.300 m (4.300 feet), alpine phytogeographical region. - Substratum: A large and old, partly rotten, still standing Fagus sylvatica trunk, covered by mosses and Lobaria pulmonaria. - Comment: Determination highly uncertain. Could eventually be also Heterobasidion annosum? See discussion on MushroomObserver, observation no. 44717. Many fruit bodies present, all around the trunk, many of them dead and black, spread from its base to up to 1.5 m (5 feet) above ground. - Ref.: (1) A. Poler, Ed., Seznam Gliv Slovenie (in Slovene) (Check list of mushrooms of Slovenia), Assoc. of Mycological Societies of Slovenia (1998), p 56. (2) A.Bernicchia, Polyporaceae s.l., Fungi Europaei 10, Edizioni Candusso (2005), p 376. - Comment #2: Second observation: June 7. 2010. - Spore dimensions: 6.0 (SD=0.7) x 3.3 (SD=0.3) micr., Q = 1.8 (SD=0.18), n=30. Motic B2-211A, magnification 1.000 x, oil, in water. - I visited the place again and took samples to get spores. Spores and their dimensions as well as dimensions from literature (Ref.: (2), Bernicchia) are shown on (pictures) Figs. xxx and xxx. Unfortunately, measured spores don't fit neither to Perenniporia fraxinea nor to any Ganoderma in Refs.: (1) and (2) (G. lucidum and G. resinaceum not taken into account due to too different habitus). It is possible that I didn't measure mature spores or spores of something else??

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