Image of Dumontinia tuberosa (Bull.) L. M. Kohn 1979

Image of Dumontinia tuberosa (Bull.) L. M. Kohn 1979


Slo.: gomoljasta zalogarica - Habitat: light, predominantly hard wood forest, next to a small stream, humid place in half shade; thick, sandy clay ground, ground coverage includes Anemone nemorosa, Crocus vernus, Petasites albus, Petasites paradoxus, Mercuralis perennis, Primula vulgaris, Chrysosplenium alternifolius, Lathraea squamaria, Galanthus nivalis, Oxalis accetosella, Rubus sp., etc., partly protected from direct rain by tree canopies, average precipitations ~ 3.000 mm/year, average temperature 8-10 deg C, elevation 465 m (1.500 feet), alpine phytogeographical region. - Substratum: soil. - Comments: Associated with Anemone nemorosa; growing scattered solitary and in groups of several sporocarps, hundreds of sporocarps present, species, pileus diameter 1-2 cm, stem disproportionally long up to 8 cm, thin, fleshy, rubbery with small black (white inside) sclerotium at the end, sclerotium 412 mm long, at several, particularly smaller ones, sporocarps I was unable to find it; smell indistinctive, sporocarp flesh not brittle; SP whitish, abundant. Considered as a relatively rare species. - Spores smooth. Dimensions: 15.8 (SD = 1.6) x 7.8 (SD = 0.6) μ, Q = 2.03 (SD = 0.21), n = 28. Olympus CH20, NEA 100x/1.25, magnification 1.000 x, oil, in water, Congo red. AmScope MA500 digital camera. Asci dimensions: 126 (SD = 9.8) x 10.0 (SD = 1.0) μ, n = 14. Olympus CH20, NEA 40x, magnification 400, in water, Congo red. AmScope MA500 digital. Herbarium: Mycotheca and lichen herbarium (LJU-Li) of Slovenian Forestry Institute, Večna pot 2, Ljubljana, Index Herbariorum LJF - Ref.: (1) http://www.rogersmushrooms.com/gallery/DisplayBlock~bid~6772~source~gallerychooserresult.asp (2) R.M. Daehncke, 1200 Pilze in Farbfotos, AT Verlag (2009), p 1147. (3) http://www.cybertruffle.org.uk/cyberliber/59575/0009/002/0433.htm (4) http://www.wildaboutbritain.co.uk/dumontinia-tuberosa (5) Personal communication with Mr. Bojan Rot . Id'ed by Mr. Bojan Rot.

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