Mother and baby sperm whale-brightened

Image of Sperm whale


Summary[edit] DescriptionAPI English: A mother sperm whale and her calf off the coast of Mauritius. The calf has remoras attached to its body. Français : Un cachalot mère avec son petit près de la côte de Maurice. Le petit a des rémoras attaché à son corps. Español: Un cachalote madre y su cría cerca de la costa de Mauricio. La cría tiene rémoras apegado a su cuerpo. Nederlands: Een moeder potvis en haar kalf in de buurt van de kust van Mauritius. Deutsch: Eine Mutter Pottwal und ihr Kalb in der Nähe der Küste von Mauritius. Italiano: Un capodoglio madre e il suo vitello vicino alla costa di Mauritius. Русский: Самка кашалота с детёнышом у берегов Маврикия. हिन्दी: एक माँ स्पर्म ह्वेल और मॉरीशस के तट के पास उसके बछड़े. 中文: 母亲抹香鲸和她的孩子靠近毛里求斯的海岸 Date 26 January 2013, 11:58:19 Source This file was derived from Mother and baby sperm whale.jpg:
Author Mother_and_baby_sperm_whale.jpg: Gabriel Barathieu derivative work: Tomer T
This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: brightened. The original can be viewed here: Mother and baby sperm whale.jpg. Modifications made by Tomer T.

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Mother_and_baby_sperm_whale.jpg: Gabriel Barathieu
Mother_and_baby_sperm_whale.jpg: Gabriel Barathieu
This file was derived from: Mother and baby sperm whale.jpg:
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