(1670) Small Grass Emerald (Chlorissa viridata) (14934157147)

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Summary[edit] DescriptionAPI Back from Croatia with the moth that has no name... Hi everyone. I have recently got back from our honeymoon to Croatia. We both had a lovely time, the weather was a bit up and down unfortunately but we had some nice and sunny days with highs around 30 degrees. Me being me decided to do a bit of exploring around the local area. I had numerous walks up the road towards scrubby land and mixed woodland where I observed plenty of Butterflies, Crickts, Grasshoppers, Mantids and of course Moths! I also decided to do a couple of walks to the favoured areas with a fishing net (which I bought out there as I forgot to pack my net!) a torch and a few pots. I should have taken more pots....and 8 just wasn't enough. Of the 20 or so species of moth I saw out there, the most interesting was this Strathmopoda species (Which I assume it is). Bearing in mind there is only one known Strathmopoda species in Europe (pedella) this got me rather excited to say the least. From what I have been told, there is a new species of Strathmopoda being described at present, and this species could link with that? I have also been told that it will need dissecting to rule out a possible aberrant Strathmopoda pedella. See what you think, but it doesn't seem to resemble 'pedella' going on the markings. Date 23 August 2014, 07:52 Source [1670] Small Grass Emerald (Chlorissa viridata) Author Ben Sale from UK

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