Plain home talk about the human system--the habits of men and women--the cause and prevention of disease--our sexual relations and social natures



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Title: Plain home talk about the human system--the habits of men and women--the cause and prevention of disease--our sexual relations and social natures
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Foote. Edward B(liss), 1829-1906. (from old catalog)
Subjects: Medicine, Popular Marriage
Publisher: New York : Murray Hill publishing company (etc., etc.)
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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piece of meatthe heat at the centre, during cooking, is not sufficient to kill thetrichinae therein. There seems, therefore, to be no solution of thisinternational sanitary and trade complication, but any person cansettle the problem for himself by declining pork foods. Of course,even when cooking fails to kill the encysted worms it is possible thatpersons of remarkably good digestions and unlimited gastric juicesmay be able to digest them, but it is a risk they would hardly takeknowiugly. It is reported that during a period of five years, whenthe people of New York City and Philadelphia consumed nearlyfifteen million hogs, among 350,072 deaths recorded there were onlysix, three in each city, from trichiniasis ; but since it requires amicroscopic post-mortem examination to determine it, very likelymany more deaths were due to this cause than thus appears. In the illustrations herewith given of the trichinae parasite, Fig.13 shows the separated worm (A), the separated sacs or encysted
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62 CAUSES OF NERVOUS AND BLOOD DERANGEMENTS. worms (c d), and a piece of meat less highly magnified (b), withmany of the cysts scattered through it. In Fig. 14 the muscle fibresare shown pressed apart by a cysted trichina. The foregoing remarks have been made with reference to the bestclass of swine; but what shall I say, when I come to speak of thosefattened in distilleries! I have seen droves of these inflated crea-tures driven to the slaughter-houses in Cincinnati. A herd of dis-eased, bloated, besotted men would not be more sickening to therefined spectator. The hair of these creatures is invariably thin andscattered, and the skin looks like that of a confirmed inebriate.Some have tumors varying in size from a small apple to a good-sizedcabbage. I have been told by Cincinnati butchers that tumors arenot unfrequently found inside the meat, and that, when laid openby the knife, purulent matter is emitted; but these diseased carcassesare sold, and form one of the articles of food in

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