Summary[edit] DescriptionAPI English: Movie displaying an individual fusion event indicated by color separation, followed by disappearance of the punctate MA.mCherry signal. Env.YFP (green) and MA.mCherry (red) labeled particles were coated onto a glass coverslip, and DFJ-8 cells were allowed to settle onto the virus particles. Image acquisition with a time resolution of 0.76 frames/sec was started when the cell contacted the coverslip. The Env.YFP signal vanished within 30 sec after virus-cell contact and the punctate MA.mCherry signal disappeared 4 sec afterwards. The video shows a section of the movie covering 35 sec and is played at a speed of 10 frames per second. The particle of interest is indicated by a circle. Date 2009 Source Koch P, Lampe M, Godinez W, Müller B, Rohr K, Kräusslich H, Lehmann M (2009). "Visualizing fusion of pseudotyped HIV-1 particles in real time by live cell microscopy". Retrovirology. DOI:10.1186/1742-4690-6-84. PMID 19765276. PMC: 2762461. Author Koch P, Lampe M, Godinez W, Müller B, Rohr K, Kräusslich H, Lehmann M Permission
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