Barbatula xanthosticta
Identifier: ibis67brit (find matches)
Title: Ibis
Year: 1859 (1850s)
Authors: British Ornithologists' Union
Subjects: Birds
Publisher: (London) Published for the British Ornithologists' Union by Academic Press
Contributing Library: American Museum of Natural History Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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nk, and the under tail-coverts white. The remigesand rectrices are brownish black, the two outer pairs of thelatter inclining to whitish along the outer margin and towardsthe tip. Iris brown, bill red, legs dark brown. Total length4*5 inches, cut men 0 4, wing 185, tail 18, tarsus 055. (A flock of close on one hundred birds was once seen atGelongol feeding on the ground. The specimens procuredwere the result of one shot. I observed the flock carefullytlirough my telescope before firing, and, so far as I couldjudge, the entire number were identical in size, shape, andmarkings. No. 419, though marked ?, was almost certainlya female.—L.) 33. Spora:ginthus subflavus. Sporaginthus subflavus (Vieill.); Sliarpe, Cat. B. Brit. Mus.xiii. p. 324 (1899). a. S • Gelongol, Abyssinia, 13 March, 1899. (No. 413.) b, c. c? ? . Sati, Abyssinia, 30 March, 1899. (Nos. 463,464.) Iris in a light hazel, in b and c red ; bill red, ridge ofculmen and suture of mandibles black ; legs dusky. IHs.1900.Pl.ni,
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JAj-Xe-o.luiTiajrLs d.el.9.t iitK iLLnit c rlv xJt 0 5 1. SP ORyE G IN T H US iVIAP.G-AP.IT^E2 BARBATULA XANTHOSTICTA fvum Somaliland and Southern Abyssinia. 131 34. AlDEMOSYNE CANTANS. Aidemosyne cantans (Gm.) ; Sharpe, Cat. B. Brit. Mus.xiii. p. 371 (1890) ; id.. P. Z. S. 1895, p.466j Hawker, Ibis,1899, p. 62. a. ? . Laga Hardim, Abyssinia, 14 January, 1899.(No. 191.) Iris light brown ; bill dark slate. 35. ESTRILDA MINOR. Estrilda minor (Cab.) ; Sharpe, Cat. B. Brit. INIus. xiii.p. 393 (1890), a. c? • Lake Harrar Meyer, Abyssinia, 1 January, 1899.(No. 68.) b. c?, Lake Cherclier, Abyssinia, 12 January, 1899.(No. 170,) Iris brown; bill red ; legs black, (A Finch similar to this, but with a short tail, was observed,but not shot, at the Kassim river. These birds roost on thelow scrub in flocks.—L.) 36. Estrilda rhodopyga. Estrilda rhodopyga Sundev.; Sharpe, Cat, B. Brit. Mus.xiii. p. 396 (1890) ; id. P. Z. S, 1895, p, 466 ; Hawker, Ibis,1899, p. 61. a. S • Feyambiro, Abyssinia, 2

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