Distribution of Russula xerampelina

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DescriptionAPI English: Distribution of Russula xerampelina in Europe. References Cvetomir M. Denchev & Boris Assyov (2010). "Checklist of the larger basidiomycetes in Bulgaria" (pdf). Mycotaxon'mycotaxon.com 111: 279–282. ISSN 0093-4666. Z. Tkalcec & A. Mešic (2003). "Preliminary checklist of Agaricales from Croatia V: Families Crepidotaceae, Russulaceae and Strophariaceae". Mycotaxon 88: 293. ISSN 0093-4666. Weltweite Verbreitung von Russula xerampelina. GBIF Portal / data.gbif.org. Retrieved on 12 October 2012. Elias Polemis et al. (2008). "Mycodiversity studies in selected ecosystems of Greece 5: Basidiomycetes associated with woods dominated by Castanea sativa (Nafpactia Mts., central Greece)" (pdf accessdate=22 August 2011). Mycotaxon'mycotaxon.com Vol: 115: 16 ff. Gordana Kasom & Mitko Karadelev (2012). "Survey of the family Russulaceae (Agaricomycetes, Fungi) in Montenegro" (pdf). Acta Botanica Croatica'versita.metapress.com 71: 1-14. ISSN 0365-0588. Russula xerampelina in the Pilzoek-Database (in German). Retrieved on 12 October 2012. Russula xerampelina: Fungi of Ukraine. www.cybertruffle.org.uk/ukrafung/eng ((2006)). Retrieved on 12 October 2012.
Deutsch: Verbreitung des Roten Herings-Täublings in Europa Date 12 October 2012 Source Blank_Map_of_Europe_-w_boundaries.svg (modified) Author Thkgk

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Cvetomir M. Denchev & Boris Assyov |title=Checklist of the larger basidiomycetes in Bulgaria| journal=Mycotaxon | volume=111 | year=2010 | pages=279–282 |issn=0093-4666 | web=http://www.mycotaxon.com/resources/checklists/denchev-v111-checklist.pdf |work=mycotaxon.com |format=pdf
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