Botanical Name: Cassia Tora Common Names: Sickle Senna, Wild Senna, Coffee Pod, Ringworm Plant Tamil names – THAKARAI , VINDU , SENAVU . Telugu name – Tantyamu . Used to treat ring worm ; Leaves are useful medicine for eczema ; Fruit decoction controls fever ; Medicine prepared from this plant strengthens nerves; For liver and heart treatments , this is used by traditional physicians ;Herb controls cholastral level and purifies blood ; For leprosy , seeds are utilised ;Leaves and seeds found useful for bronchitis. In photo - Typical structure of the leaves of Cassia Tora . Additional informations : Shot in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) 4.5 kms off sea-shore; Elevation from sea level - 6.7 m.

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