Bulletin - United States National Museum

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Title: Bulletin - United States National Museum
Year: 1877 (1870s)
Authors: United States National Museum Smithsonian Institution United States. Dept. of the Interior
Subjects: Science
Publisher: Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press, (etc.) for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt Print. Off.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
a. ^ ACINONYX JUBATUS StEMMERINGII (Fitzinger), 1855. Cynailurus soemmeringii Fitzinger, Sitz.-ber. Math.-nat. cl. d. K. acad.Wiss., vol. 17, hft. 2, p. 245. (Bajuda Steppe, Kordofan.) 1911. Acinonyx sQemmenngii Hollister, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, vol. 21, p. 226. October 31. 1913. Acinonyx wagneri Hilzheimer, Sitz.-ber. Ges. nat. Frounde Berlin, No. 5, p. 285. (Kordofan; based on description of specimen, collected byRiippell, in Wagners Schreber Saug., Suppl., vol. 2, p. 503, 1841.) 1914. Acinonyx jubatus s(y.mriieringiiRoosKEi,T: AnA Heller, Life-Hist. African Game Anim., vol. 1, p. 249. Specimen.—One skin, as follows: Sudan: El Dueim, Wliito Nile (Meariis). This skin indicates a well-marked form, in which the spots aremuch reduced in number and in size. The ground color of the upper-parts is decidedly pinkish-buff, much as in A. j. raineyi of theBritish East African lowlands. Life-Hist. African Game Animals, vol. 1, p. 21f). 1914. EAST AFRICAN MAMMALS IN NATIONAL MUSEUM. 15^
Text Appearing After Image:
154 BULLETIN &9, UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM. K) ft? fts »C »0 C^ iC t- I-- :^ CS iC t>. t* i^ r^ t^ r>. x- I- h» r* I- r^ t^ r* i>. t^ t. xxxxxxxxxx t^ r- i^ -t> t~ « lO o s «5 >o CD cc 3 X X X X o OJ o 00 ■«* o: ;-! X X X X ;i! cfi ^H •o t^ o WeOC5»-ieOOSU5r-(U5f*cOOto CO »0 CO CO* CO (O (O CD CO CO t* XXXXXXXXXXXX oi 00 o> 00 00 OJ oi OJ 00 OT oJ o X X 1^ 03 X X 05 X 00 X X X to X X X X OWfMcOCOrHCCtMCO ^ ° !- ® •— a 3

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