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Dacrymyces chrysospermus, Berk.& Curt.1873. syn.: Dacryomyces palmatus (Schwein. 1832) Bresad. 1904, Dacryomyces tremelloides Karst.1882, Tremella palmata Schwein.Orange yellow jelly, Orange Jelly, Orange Witches' Butter, DE Riesen-Gallert-trneSlo.: pahljaasta solzovkaDat.: Jan. 09. 2014Lat.: 46.36089 Long.: 13.70223Code: Bot_780/2014_DSC9676 Habitat: Dry mountain pasture with stumps and logs of cut down Picea abies trees, southeast oriented modestly inclined mountain slope, calcareous ground, full sun, fully exposed to precipitations, average precipitations ~3.000 mm/year, average temperature 7-9 deg C, elevation 615 m (2.020 feet), alpine phytogeographical region.Substratum: dead stumps and logs of cut down Picea abies in its initial stage of disintegration. Place: Lower Trenta valley, Na melu place, between villages Soa and Trenta, near Trenta 2b home, East Julian Alps, Posoje, Slovenia EC. Comments: This is a very common species in Trenta valley. In wet and warm winters, like present one, one can see tens and tens of fruit bodies on a short walk through mixed woods. Fruit bodies have whitish inconspicuous rudimentary 'stalk' (point of attachment to the substratum). However, reliable distinguishing among different orange species of this genus without microscopy is difficult. Dimensions and number of septa of spores is important. Growing solitary and in groups of confluent fruit bodies; more than a dozen of them scattered around; dimensions up to 6 x 4 cm and 3 cm thick; taste and smell indistinctive; SP abundant, yellow; many times growing together with Gloephyllum separium on the same logs. Spores smooth. Dimensions: 18,7 [21,1 ; 21,9] 24,3 x 6,4 [7,1 ; 7,4] 8,1 microns, Q = 2,6 [2,9 ; 3] 3,4; N = 50 ; C = 95%, Me = 21,5 x 7,3 microns. Olympus CH20, NEA 40x/0.65, magnification 400x, in water. AmScope MA500 digital camera.Herbarium: Mycotheca and lichen herbarium (LJU-Li) of Slovenian Forestry Institute, Vena pot 2, Ljubljana, Index Herbariorum LJFRef.:(1) G.J. Krieglsteiner (Hrsg.), Die Grosspilze Baden-Wrttembergs, Band 1, Ulmer (2000), p 76. 4-7 breit(2) R. Phillips, Mushrooms, Macmillan (2006), p 348. 17-25/6-8(3) www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Dacrymyces_chrysospermus.html 18.0-23.0 x 6.5-8.0 m(4) www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?post=Dacrymyces&l=r&no... 17-25 x 6-8 m(5) www.rogersmushrooms.com/gallery/DisplayBlock~bid~5675~sou... 17-25 x 6-8

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