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Anacamptis morio susp. morio ( L.) Bateman, Pridgeon & Chase, syn.: Orchis morio (L.)Green-winged Orchid, CR: mali kaun, DE: Kleines KnabenkrautSlo.: navadna kukavicaDat.: April 23. 2015Lat.: 45.08634 Long.: 14.46041Code: Bot_866/2015_DSC5811Habitat: abandoned, partly overgrown fields among rock walls, flat calcareous terrain, almost full sun, dry place, elevation 140 m (feet 460), average precipitations 1.000 - 1.200 mm/year, average temperature 13 - 15 deg C, submediterranean phytogeographical region.Substratum: soil.Place: West of village Milohni, inland of island Krk, Adriatic Sea, Kvarner bay, Croatia EC.Comment: Growing in groups of many plants. More than twenty plants can be seen from this spot.Protected according to 'Uredba o zavarovanih prostoiveih rastlinskih vrstah'Url. RS, t. 46/2004 (Regulation of protection of wild growing plants, Official Gazette of Republic Slovenia, No.:46/2004). Enlisted in the Slovene Red List of rare and endangered species, marked by "V" representing a vulnerable species.Ref.:(1) R. Domac, Flora Hrvatske, Prirunik za odreivanje bilja, kolska Knjiga, Zgreb, II. izdanje (2002), p 462.(2) H. Baumann, S. Kuenkele, R. Lorenz, Orchideen Europas, Ulmer (2006), p 230. (3) H. Kretzschmar, Die Orchideen Deutschlands und angrenzender Lander, Quelle & Meyer (2008), p 62.(4) B. Dolinar, Kukavievke v Sloveniji (Orchids in Slovenia), Pipinova Knjiga (2015), p 19.

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