Image of Red-naped Ibis

Image of Red-naped Ibis


The Black Ibis only visits Pakistan (Mostly marshes around Karachi, the Indus Delta and Lower Sind) during the Monsoon Season (August to October). It is a rare bird in Pakistan and in the past has occasionally bred. Roberts stated that in 1923 the Black Ibis was a common bird in what is now Pakistan but has declined dramatically over the years. The HBW states about its distribution that: Distribution: Pakistan (SE Sind), Nepal and India S to Tamil Nadu and E to NE Bangladesh; doubtful old record from Arakan (W Myanmar). Not globally threatened but believed to be declining. The population was estimated to be around 10,000 birds in the early 1990s. It is still locally common in India and S Nepal, where censuses yielded respectively 654 and 134 birds in Jan 1990, and 1360 and 80 in Jan 1991. In India most common in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Orissa; in Jan 1987, 200 birds at Chandpata L, Madhya Pradesh, and 250 in wetlands of C and E Saurashtra, Gujarat. In Nepal flocks of up to 40 birds still occur at Chitwan National Park, Kosi Barrage and Kosi Tappu Reserve. In Pakistan common in the 1920s with large flocks recorded, but now only irregular visitor, occurring mainly during the monsoon. Appears to have been severely affected by schemes of wetland conversion and agricultural development. So far from a First Record but still a very rare one within Pakistan.

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