Terms of Use for EOL Application Programming Interfaces

(a) To make it possible for Materials of the Site to be accessible to new technologies, we have developed a series of Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) that allow for the Materials to be retrieved by technologies using certain computer programming methodologies. The APIs are freely available for anyone to use. Currently, you must register with the Site to indicate your desire to use them, which will allow us to better support your use of the API. 

(b) If you develop a technology as a result of your use of the Site and the Materials on the Site, we encourage you to provide us with information about such technology. Sharing your success with us will help foster the Encyclopedia of Life community by providing examples of success. We may choose to feature your story on the Site, or highlight your technology or product on the Site.

(c) If you develop a technology as a result of your use of the Site and the Materials on the Site and wish to commercialize it, or if you add access to the Materials on the Site to an existing commercial technology, you must honor the license restrictions of the Materials accessed.

(d) You also agree to comply with the licenses associated with the Materials you acquire from the Site. You also agree to pass on all license terms and attributions associated with the objects as required by the licenses associated with those Materials.

(e) If you make use of our APIs, and should you wish to acquire all or major portions of the Materials from any individual content provider, you are required to contact that content provider directly.

(f) We reserve the right to monitor usage of our APIs and to discontinue access to the Site by users of the APIs who are determined to be in violation of this Agreement. If you have registered with us, we will make an effort to notify you of any potential violations. In addition to monitoring, we may maintain records of API use and information about the requestor.