Habitat Gardening for Houston and Southeast Texas (Plants Native to the Upper Texas Gulf Coast)

This collection contains all plants listed in chapter 5 (entitled "Plants Native to the Upper Texas Gulf Coast) of Mark and Mary Bowen's 1998 book "Habitat Gardening for Houston and Southeast Texas)." These are plants that likely existed in this region when the first European settlers arrived and that are suitable for a habitat garden. A practical goal for a habitat garden, say the Bowens, "is to have at least 50% Upper Texas Gulf Coast native plants and to have the other 50% made up of well adapted plants from other regions." +++++ If you sort the collection by "sort field," the entries will be arranged in the following order: 1) annual, biennual, and reseeding wild flowers; 2) generic native plants; 3) grasses; 4) ground covers; 5) large trees; 6) perennials; 7) shrubs; 8) small trees; 8) vines; 9) wetland plants. +++++ In the annotations I provide information from the book on preferred habitat, foliage/winter appearance, soil conditions, light conditions, plant spacing, and wildlife value. For additional information, simply purchase the book.


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