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Pongo abelii (Sumatran Orangutan) is a species of primates in the family Hominidae. They are listed in cites appendix i. They are found in the indo-malayan realm. They are solitary. Individuals can grow to 1400 mm. Reproduction is dioecious.

  • URI: http://eol.org/schema/terms/CITES_I
  • التعريف: Appendix I lists species that are the most endangered among CITES-listed animals and plants. They are threatened with extinction and CITES prohibits international trade in specimens of these species except when the purpose of the import is not commercial, for instance for scientific research. In these exceptional cases, trade may take place provided it is authorized by the granting of both an import permit and an export permit (or re-export certificate). Article VII of the Convention provides for a number of exemptions to this general prohibition.
  • المصدر: https://www.speciesplus.net/#/taxon_concepts/8203/legal
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عرض كل السجلات
عرض كل السجلات

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