Neem - the pharmacy tree

صورة نيم شائع


Azadirachta indicaFamily MeliaceaeAttractive evergreen tree I find sometimes (rare) in Brisbane streets (Australia)It has "perfectly" asymmetrical leaves (oblique base). Native to tropical Asia (India)If you are visiting India and ask for the village pharmacy then you're likely to be pointed towards this tree. :) All parts of the tree have been used medicinally for centuries. It is widely used in toothpastes, soaps and lotion today, as well as being a biological insecticide. The discovery of its complex chemical pesticide qualities make it resistant to more than two hundred different types of insect, as well as various mites, nematodes, fungi, bacteria and viruses . Although lethal to bugs it does not have an adverse effect upon humans, animals or birds.History: The history of the Neem tree is in fact linked to the history of India and very much apart of the Indian way of life. Neem is mentioned in many ancient texts and traditional Indian medical authorities place it at the pinnacle of their pharmacopoeia.

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