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ETE contractor for the past 2 years

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Authorship of 5 peer-reviewed publications. (2 in press)


Tóth AB, Lyons SK, Behrensmeyer AK (2014) A Century of Change in Kenya's Mammal Communities: Increased Richness and Decreased Uniqueness in Six Protected Areas. PLoS ONE 9(4): e93092. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093092

Anikó B. Tóth, S. Kathleen Lyons, and Anna K. Behrensmeyer 2014. Mammals of Kenya's protected areas from 1888 to 2013. Ecology 95:1711–1711.

Micancin, J. P., Toth, A., Anderson, R., & Mette, J. T. (2012). Sympatry and Syntopy of the cricket frogs Acris crepitans and Acris gryllus in southeastern Virginia, USA and decline of A. gryllus at the northern edge of its range.Herpetological Conservation and Biology7(3), 276-298.

Miller J, Behrensmeyer AK, et al. Ecological fidelity of functional traits based on species presence absence in a modern mammalian bone assemblage (Amboseli, Kenya).  Paleobiology, in press.

Blois J, et al. A framework for evaluating the influence of climate, dispersal limitation, and biotic interactions using fossil pollen associations across the late Quaternary.  Ecography, in press. 

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Fossil Species associated with paleobiology's Deep Time exhibit.