Bruno Petriccione

plant ecologist

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I love any part of Nature. The personal discovery of a new species is my greatest moment of happiness.

Special field of interest: alpine flora and vegetation of Southern Europe.

Current office: Biodiversity Board of the Italian Forest Service

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Bruno Petriccione
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Curator qualifications


1.1 Ph.D. in ecology (University of Roma - Italy, 1990). Thesis on "Ecology and phytogeography of high-altitude Sesleria tenuifolia dry grassland of the Apennines (Italy)".

1.2 Master in management of natural environment and protected areas (University of Camerino – Italy, 2001). Thesis on “Climate changes impacts on mountain ecosystems of Central Apennines protected areas”.

2.1 National Expert Reviewer of the I.P.C.C. 4th Assessment Report Climate changes 2007: impacts, adaptation and vulnerability.

2.2 National Co-ordinator of LTER-Italy (Long-Term Ecological Research Network – Italy), 2006-2009.

3.1. Greco S. & Petriccione B., 1991 - Environmental quality evaluation in a disturbed ecosystem, on the basis of floristic and vegetational data. In: O. Ravera (a cura di). Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: perturbation and recovery. Ellis Horwood Ltd.: 101-108.

3.2. Petriccione B., 2005 - Short-term changes in key plant communities of Central Apennines (Italy). Acta Botanica Gallica, 152: 545-561.

3.3. Bredemeier M., Tennis P., Sauberer N., Petriccione B., Torok K., Cocciufa C., Morabito G. & Pugnetti A., 2007 – Biodiversity assessment and change: the challenge of appropriate methods. In: Hester R.E. & Harrison R.M. (eds.). Biodiversity under threat. RCS Publ. (Cambridge, UK): 217-251.

Curation scope
Plant species and vegetation of mountains of Central Italy