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Professor of Biology at Florida Atlantic University.
Interested in deep-sea fishes, reptiles and amphibians in Florida, and conservation of scrub habitat.

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Professor of Biology, Wilkes Honors College & Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Florida Atlantic University

>50 published papers (a few of the recent ones below)

2013    Near, T. J., A. Dornburg, R. I. Eytan, B. C. Keck, W. L. Smith, Kristin L. Kuhn, J. A. Moore, S. A. Proce, F. T. Burbrink, M. Friedman, and P. C. Wainwright. Phylogeny and tempo of diversification in the superradiation of spiny-finned fishes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(31):12738-12743.

2012    Near, T. J. R., I. Eytan, A. Dornburg, K. L. Kuhn, J. A. Moore, M. P. Davis, P. C. Wainwright, M. Friedman, and W. L. Smith. Resolution of ray-finned fish phylogeny and timing of diversification. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109(34):13698-13703.

2012    Dornburg, A, J. A. Moore, R. Webster, D. L. Warren, M. C. Brandley, T. Iglesia, P. C. Wainwright and T. J. Near. Molecular phylogenetics of squirrelfishes and soldierfishes (Beryciformes, Holocentridae): reconciling more than 100 years of taxonomic confusion. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 65:727-738.

2012    Moore, J. A. Notes on the biology of the fragrant prickly apple cactus (Harrisia fragrans). Palmetto 28(4):4-7.

2012    Watkins-Colwell, G., A. Dornberg, D. Hawlena, and J. A. Moore. The amphibians and reptiles of the Yale University Prehistoric Expedition to Nubia (YUPEN) 1962-1965. Bulletin of Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale University) 51(2):179-197.

2010    Moore, J. A. and K. Dodd. A new species of the roughy genus Hoplostethus (Teleostei: Trachichthyidae) from the Philippine Islands. Bulletin of Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale University) 51(1):137-144.

2009    Meshaka, W.E., Jr., H.T. Smith, H.L. Cress, S.R. Sekscienski*, W.R. Mapp, E.M. Cowan, and J.A. Moore. Raccoon (Procyon lotor) removal and rapid colonization of the green iguana (Iguana iguana) on a public land in South Florida: a conservation opportunity for the Caribbean. Caribbean Journal of Science 45(1):15-19.

2009    Dornburg, A., J. A. Moore, G. J. Watkins-Colwell. Distribution of freshwater fishes in Connecticut based on specimens in the Yale Peabody Museum and other collections. Bulletin of Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale University) 50(2):347-379.

2009    Moore, J. A. and P.J. Auster. Commensalism between juvenile cusk eels and pancake urchins on western North Atlantic Seamounts. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale University) 50(2):381-386.

2009    Moore, J. A., M. Strattan*, and V. Szabo*. Evidence for year-round reproduction in a population of the gopher tortoise from southern Florida. Bulletin of Peabody Museum Natural History (Yale University) 50(2):387-392.

2009    Moore, S.L., J.A. Moore and S.L. Richardson. A new population of northern curlytail lizard (Leiocephalus carinatus armouri) in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale University) 50(1):21-25.

2008    Moore, J. A. Arboreality in the northern curlytail lizard (Leiocephalus carinatus armouri). Journal of Kansas Herpetology 28:17-18.

2008    Moore, J. A., P. J. Auster, D. Calini, K. Heinonen, K. Barber, and B. Hecker. The false boarfish, Neocyttus helgae, in the western North Atlantic. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale University) 49(1):31-41.

2007    Meshaka, W. E., Jr., H. T. Smith, E. Golden, J. A. Moore, S. Fitchett, E. M. Cowan, R. M. Engeman, S. R. Sekscienski*, and H. L. Cress. Green iguanas (Iguana iguana): unintended consequence of sound wildlife management practices in a South Florida park. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 2(2):149-156.

2007    Goethel*, C. A., H. T. Smith, and J. A. Moore. Ophisaurus ventralis (Eastern Glass Lizard). A review of road-kill mortalities and occurrence in Florida with notes on an unusual event. Journal of Kansas Herpetology 22:13.

2006    Moore, J. A. and H. T. Smith. Roadways and sidewalks into natural areas: a warning. Natural Area News 10(3):4.

2006    Moore, J. A., R. M. Engeman, H. T. Smith, and J. Woolard. Gopherus polyphemus (Gopher tortoise). Coyote predation. Herpetological Review 37(1):78-79.

2006    Meshaka, W. E., H. L. Cress, K. L. Kingsland*, H. T. Smith, S. A. Fitchett, J. A. Moore and E. M. Cowan. Hemidactylus (house gecko) assemblage dynamics on South Florida buildings. Journal of Kansas Herpetology 17:14-15.

2005    Merrett, N. R. and J. A. Moore. A new genus and species of deep demersal fish (Teleostei: Stephanoberycidae) from the tropical eastern North Atlantic. Journal of Fish Biology 67:1699-1710.

2005    Meshaka, W. E., Jr., H. T. Smith, R. M. Engeman, C. L. Dean, J. A. Moore, and W. E. O’Brien. The geographically contiguous and expanding coastal range of the northern curlytail lizard (Leiocephalus carinatus armouri) in Florida. Southeastern Naturalist 4(3):521-526.

2005    Wetterer, J. K. and J. A. Moore. Red imported fire ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) at gopher tortoise (Testudines: Testudinidae) burrows. Florida Entomologist 88(4):349-354.

Curation scope
Deep-sea fish ecology and evolution, Florida scrub plants and animals, invasive reptiles and amphibians in Florida