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My name is Marie-Claude Larivière, I was born and educated in Québec, graduating with a PhD in systematics entomology from McGill University in 1990. For the following two years I did postdoctoral research at the Canadian National Collection (Agriculture Canada, Ottawa). In 1992, I moved to New Zealand to work as a full-time Hemiptera systematist with Landcare Research and Curator of Hemiptera at the New Zealand Arthropod Collection. From 1994, in addition to working as a researcher, I have been involved in science management: Programme Leader, Biosystematics of New Zealand Land Invertebrates (1994-1997); Project Leader, development of New Zealand Arthropod Collection’s databasing (1995-2005, 2011-present) and digital imaging facilities (1995-2005); Project Leader, establishement of Koiora-BioAssist™ (Biodiversity Assessment using Information Technology and Taxonomy, 1999-2004); Reserch Group Leader for Invertebrate Biosystematics and Director of the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (2007-2010). I have also been an active member of the Fauna of New Zealand series editorial board (1994–2004, 2007–present). I am the author of over 125 papers and monographs on the taxonomy, distribution and natural history of Hemiptera and Carabidae (Coleoptera), including nine Fauna of New Zealand contributions (Hemiptera - Auchenorrhyncha catalogue, Heteroptera catalogue, Cixiidae, Peloridiidae and Pentatomoidea revisions; Carabidae - catalogue, Harpalini revision, synopsis of supraspecific taxa, synopsis of species). I have also published on Australian and South Pacific Hemiptera as well as on North and Central American Hemiptera, Orthoptera, and Carabidae. Many of these publications have been written in collaboration with my husband André Larochelle with whom I hope to soon publish new works on the New Zealand fauna. I maintain a number of international research collaborations and participate in New Zealand-based commercial research. I have a keen interest in biological information technology, especially e-taxonomy, computer-assisted biological illustration, digital micro-imaging, interactive identification systems, and web-publishing. I am also actively involved in providing web-based information on Hemiptera. Finally, my husband André and I have carried out specialised field inventories in New Zealand for 20 years, surveying Hemiptera and ground-beetles in over 1000 localities so as to gain a better understanding of their taxonomy, natural history, and biogeography.

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