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    Rūta Rozenfelde commented on an older version of Image of Sphingonotus caerulans:

    Hello. I doubt that this is a specimen of O.germanica L., because there is no black line present on the hind wing. It looks more like Sphingonotus caerulans L. There is a tip to determine this species: The medial kneel of O.caerulescens is highly curved, and there is only one transverse sulcus on pronotum, while only a suggestion of a medial kneel is visible on pronotum in the metazona, and there are two transverse sulcus on pronotum for S.caerulans. This species can have a lightly black stripe across hind wings, but as as as I know there are no forms of O.caerulescens without black stripe crossing the hind wings.

    almost 4 years ago