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As a museum professional and archivist, I have worked on numerous projects with groups including the Museum of Florida History and Florida Fish and Wildlife. Currently I am with the Tri-Trophic Thematic Collections Network project, cataloging Hemiptera in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.


My research interests include opening archives for public access and integrating museum collection information across departments for a more holistic approach to natural history collections.

In my proposal for the 2013 EOL Rubenstein Fellows program I hope to show the usefulness of online-accessible scientific archives such as the EOL in research. I will be using data found on the EOL and partner sites to investigate the distribution of blue flowers in North America, in response to the question "Is blue coloration more likely to occur in high altitude plant species?" This project will use images, morphological descriptions, and habitat information from the EOL, BHL articles and EOL partners to identify species of plants with blue flowers. These species will be mapped to latitude and longitude and altitude to identify any trends. This data can then be used in research to answer questions about selective pressures acting on flower coloration.

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