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    Michael F. Crowe commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    This comment was deleted.

    8 months ago • deleted: 12 days ago

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    John Cockell commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    @Arne W. Lehmann: Hi Arne. I just did a couple of searches and it seemed to work ok but is very slow to load.

    over 1 year ago

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    Arne W. Lehmann commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    @John Cockell: I tried to play around with the new AllOdonata site, the first impression is great. However I was not able to use the search filtering, may be I simple did not the right thinks? Othwerwise please check out for any errors.

    over 1 year ago • edited: over 1 year ago

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    John Cockell commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    As a member of this group of sites, which are a major part of the Online Resources for Odonata, I received the following email from the site owner about changes to the sites and heir merger into one site. They are keen to receive feedback on the proposed new site. "I would like to invite you to look at our new site that will consolidate (and replace) all the * sites. Yes, this new site clearly aims to be the best worldwide photo gallery of all odonata! The site is in test mode (please do NOT upload photos): do not hesitate to 'play' with it and please give your feedback. Some novelties: - you can rate the photos. Then you can sort the photos by rating. Log in and give stars! - Google map display the countries (with number of photos) and let you quickly select them. Click on "Territory", select on the map and click "Apply filter" - a search box to filter photos (read the help page first: ) - scroll down and new photos are added to the page i.e. navigation arrows are optional - Click on 'Filters' and 'Order by ...' to define your query Please let me know what you think of this new site on both content and appearance! Best regards, Eric"

    over 1 year ago • edited: over 1 year ago

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    Lies Van Rompaey commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    West African Plants Plants West Africa not interactive I think it's a good site because it's pretty extensive and there is a useful key to help ID plants.. There are also links to guides for East African and Central African Plants.

    almost 2 years ago

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    Cyndy Parr commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    @Rene Bustamante: Rene, you are welcome to use images from EOL -- just be sure to credit them. Would you be interested in becoming an EOL content partner? Take a look at and follow the directions to registering if you would like to get started.

    over 3 years ago

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    Rene Bustamante commented on "Identification Resources Group":

    Hi, i have started a website on purely orchid species of the philippines though it is still unfinished, i would like any help or input. thank you very much

    over 3 years ago