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PhD Candidate at Antioch University New England, living in south-central PA and researching the life history and rapid decline of Bombus terricola (yellowbanded bumble bee).

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1. PhD Candidate, Antioch University New England, Environmental Studies - Agroecology. Teaching staff at Antioch (Global Environmental Change) and Keene State University (Natural History of New Hampshire and Agroecology) 2. “Farm Boundaries as Ecological Systems.” Special Summer Issue on Multidisciplinary Studies. Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies. Su 2012. 3. Member - Ecological Society of America, Agricultural History Society 4. B. terricola will be my first EOL curatorship
Curation scope
PhD Candidate in Complex Socio-Ecological Problem Analysis, with a focus on pollination systems and agriculture. Dissertation research includes targeted research in Bombus terricola and rapid decline / range contraction in North America. Taxonomy of B. sensu stricto (Latrielle) , field and museum collections research, field work in PA, NH, VT.