Eric Peterson

Calicioid lichen specialist.

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Conservation data specialist with Ph.D. in Plant Ecology and expertise in lichens - particularly the calicioid group (pin lichens). I intend to contribute descriptions and photos for calicioid lichens.

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Eric Peterson
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At present, my paid work is as a restoration data specialist for a river restoration program, however I am highly involved with the California Lichen Society ( where I lead the Conservation Committee.  I am regularly sought out for my expertice on calicioid lichens and as evidence of my expertice, please note your record for Stenocybe fragmenta which I described (your record includes a photo of the specmen I chose as the holotype).


Curation scope
Calicioid lichens and associated fungi (historically the Caliciales), plus general lichens in western North America. I intend to contribute description data and photos for calicioid lichens/fungi. For other lichens, my contributions would most likely be limited to photographs only.