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Graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying plant systematics. Focus taxon: Spiranthes.

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Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin - Madison, department of botany (started 2011, PhD track; phylogenetics and biogeography of Spiranthes). Research assistant, UW-Madison: Dimensions of Biodiversity project investigating the phylogenetics and population genetics of the flora of Wisconsin. B.S. in Plant Sciences, Cornell University ('07). Curatorial Assistant at the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium (2007-'11): Intermountain Flora Project; the Barneby Legume Project. Peer reviewed article: Pace, M. C. 2011. First verifiable record of Betula nigra L. (River Birch) in Suffolk Co., NY and overview of the species' purported distribution on Long Island. The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, 138(3): 336-339. NYBG Adult Education Instructor Member of the Torrey Botanical Society, American Botanical Society of America, the New England Botanical Club.
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Plant systematics; North American plant taxa; Spiranthes; pollination; conservation.