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Hi there! I am a former elementary school teacher, now getting a Masters in Policy with the hope of one day closing the disconnect between policy and the classroom. As a nature lover, it especially saddens me to see science taking the backseat to reading and math in states that don't have a science standardized test.

Having lived in DC for a year now, I have had the opportunity to work both as an intern and a contractor for the Smithsonian's National Science Resources Center, where I helped lead professional development for K-12 science teachers.

For fun, I like to sing, take pictures, and climb mountains. I'm excited to inspire others to see the joy in learning, exploring, and tapping into their curious side.

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B.S. Elementary Education, Music minor Indiana University, 2006 M.A.Ed. Education Policy Studies The George Washington University, expected 2013 Highly Qualified K-8 Teacher, All Subjects
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