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Biologist, MSc in Tropical forests and biodiversity management and conservation and doctoral student at Instituto de Ecología, UNAM, México. Experience in multiple conutries in conservation planning, ecology and protected areas, especially in Costa Rica and Colombia for over 10 years. More than 30 peer-reviewed publications, 4 books, more than 5 book chapters and numerous technical documents and outreach publications. Currently Editor-in-chief of the LAtin American Journal of Conservation, and the Bulletin of the Colombian Mammalogicla Society and board member of the Mexican Mammlogy Journal, Small Carnivore Conservation, Ocelotlan and the Journal of Research in Biology. Part of the IUCN/SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group and the Crocodile Specialist Group, and board member of the Colombian Mammalogical Society.

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Curator qualifications

1. Director ProCAT Colombia and Sierra to Sea Institute / PhD student Instituto de Ecología-UNAM. 2. Schipper, J, et al. (González-Maya, JF). 2008. The Status of the World's Land and Marine Mammals: Diversity, Threat and Knowledge. Science 322(5899): 225-230 - DOI: 10.1126/science.1165115 González-Maya JF & Cardenal J. 2011. Ocelot density in the Caribbean slope of the Talamanca region, Costa Rica. Hystrix Italian Journal of Mammalogy 22(2): 355-360 González-Maya JF, de la Torre A, Chávez C, Monroy-Vilchis O & Belant JL. 2011. I Simposio ecología y conservación de pequeños carnívoros (Felidae, Mustelidae, Procyonidae y Mephitidae) en Mesoamérica. Mastozoología Neotropical 18(2):331-338 González-Maya JF, Cardenal J, Wyatt S & Mata-Lorenzen J. 2011. New localities and elevation records for Oxyrhopus petolarius, Spilotes pullatus and Urotheca fulviceps in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad 82: 1340-1342 González-Maya, JF, Rodríguez-Bolaños, A, Pinto, D, &. Jiménez, AM. 2011. Recent confirmed records of White-nosed Coati Nasua narica and its distribution in Colombia. Small Carnivore Conservation 45: 26-30 Payán Garrido E & González-Maya JF. 2011. Distribución geográfica de la Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus) en Colombia e implicaciones para su conservación. Latin American Journal of Conservation 2(1): 51-60 González-Maya JF, Cepeda AA, Belant JL, Zárrate-Charry D, Balaguera-Reina SA & Rodríguez-Bolaños A. 2011. Research priorities for the small carnivores of Colombia. Small Carnivore Conservation 44: 7–13 González-Maya JF, González M, Zárrate-Charry D, Charry F, Cepeda AA & Balaguera-Reina SA. 2011. A new population record of the Santa Marta Poison Arrow Frog Colostethus ruthveni (Kaplan, 1997) from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Journal of Threatened Taxa 3(3): 1633-1636 González-Maya, JF. 2009. Densidad, uso de hábitat y presas del jaguar (Panthera onca) y el conflicto con humanos en la región de Talamanca, Costa Rica. Journal of Neotropical Mammalogy 16 (2): 508-509 González-Maya, JF, Schipper, J & Rojas-Jimenez, K. 2009. Elevational distribution and abundance of Baird’s tapir (Tapirus bairdii) at different protection areas in Talamanca region of Costa Rica. Tapir Conservation 18(1):29-35 González-Maya, JF, Schipper, J & Benítez, A. 2009. Activity patterns and community ecology of small carnivores in the Cordillera Talamanca, Costa Rica. Small Carnivore Conservation 41: 9-14 Balaguera-Reina, SA & González-Maya, JF. 2009. Estructura poblacional, abundancia, distribución y uso de hábitat de Caiman crocodilus fuscus (Cope 1868) en el Vía Parque Isla de Salamanca, Caribe colombiano. Revista de Biología Marina y Oceanografia 44(1): 145-152 3. IUCN/SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group and IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group, ASM, Colombian Zoological Society, Colombian Mammalogical Society (Board Member), Society for Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. Editor-in-chief of the Latin American Journal of Conservation and the Bulletin of the Colombian Mammalogical Society, and board member of Small Carnivore Conservation, Revista Mexicana de Mastozoología, Ocelotlan and Journal of Research in Biology. 5. Diego J. Lizcano
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Conservation biology Conservation planning Mammal ecologist Landscape ecology Herpetology