Amy Chang

Technical Writing Intern at EOL.

About me

I am a new graduate from Johns Hopkins University who holds a B.A. in History, and Interdisciplinary Studies in Ecology & Past Environments, as well as with an M.A. in History. I am interested in museum, archival, writing and editorial work with an emphasis on eduaction, outreach or conservation. You can contact me at:

Information I have added to EOL taxon pages

Collections I have created and annotated:
Plants of the Columbian Exchange
Plants of Economic Importance
Native American Medicinal Plants
Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants
Traditional Medicinal Plants of India

Ethnobotany Fact of the Week: Oil derived from cashew nut shells can be used to treat tooth abscesses because it's lethal to many Gram-positive bacteria.

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Amy Chang
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an enthusiast, a student
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Assistant Curator


286 taxa curated
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76 common names added
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Curator qualifications


EOL Ethnobotany Writing Intern--2012 & 2013

Smithsonian Botany Collections Management Intern--2010

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies in Ecology and Environments, B.A. & M.A. History--2009-2013

Johns Hopkins University 

Curation scope
Ethnobotany for plants of current economic significance; particularly those with medical uses and those involved in the Colombian Exchange.