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I am an active plant photographer with strong interests in plants of Pacific Islands, California, and elsewhere. I am interested in Angiosperms, Ferns and Lycophytes, and Bryophytes. I have contributed images to Calphotos, Flickr and other sites. I grew up in England and currently live in California.

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I am currently an unpaid Research Associate at the University of California Herbarium at Berkeley. I am a semi-retired professional molecular geneticist, I work with Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism, focusing mainly on DNA repair mechanisms. I have a D. Phil. in Botany from Oxford, England. I worked for the Lawrence Berkeley NationaI Laboratory for many years and currently have a part time position as a visiting scientist with a molecular biology group at Stanford University. I have authored or co-authored about forty five scientific publications, mostly in molecular genetics, but the following two are in classical botany: Sykes W. R. and Game, J. C. (1996) Phymatosorus (Polypodiaceae) in the Cook Islands. New Zealand Journal of Botany 34: 143-146. Game J. C. (1998) Botrychium virginianum L. in California. American Fern Journal, Spring 1998 Issue. I co-authored the revised treatment for several fern genera (Thelypteris, Blechnum, Woodwardia and and Woodsia) for the second edition of "The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California" that was published a few months ago. I have contributed herbarium specimens to herbaria including Kew, Oxford, UC, and PTBG on Kauai. I have authored informal articles on botany including the following examples: Game, John and Lyon, Richards, (1997) Fifty Wildflowers: Bear Valley, Colusa County. American Land Conservancy Publication, 456 Montgomery Street, Suite 1450, San Francisco, CA 94104. 56 pages. (This is a small book). Game, John, Plants and Wilderness in America’s Mojave Desert. Plant Talk 35, 23-28. Game, John, California in Bloom. Plant Talk 40, 17-18. I am an active plant photographer and have had many images published, including cover images in Australian Natural History, International Journal of Plant Sciences, and The Bryologist, as well as images in many books. I am also on the Board of Directors of Calflora, a non-profit group responsible for a large Internet database of information about Californian plants. Previously, I have served as a member of the Executive Council of the California Native Plant Society, and have held several consecutive positions on the Board of Directors of the East Bay chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of CNPS awarded me their Brenda Butner Memorial Award for contributions to the understanding of California Plants.
Curation scope
Plants of California and Pacific Islands, especially ferns of the Cook Islands. I have some knowledge of other western US plants and of the flora of Britain. I also have some knowledge of bryophytes.