José-Manuel Echevarría

Virologist and amateur entomologist

About me

I'm a specialist in Medical Virology with thirty-five years of experience. I've also been for many years an amateur entomologist (Coleoptera) and a photographer of nature. I like succulent plants too, and I hold a collection of about one hundred species of cactus. I'm very interested in the spread of scientific knowledge to ordinary people, and I've written and published (in Spanish) in recent years two novels of scientific fiction having viruses as the main protagonists (

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José-Manuel Echevarría
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a professional scientist
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1. Staff researcher, Head of the Department of Virology of the National Centre of Microbiology, Carlos III Health Institute, Madrid, Spain. 2. Author in 120 peer-reviewed publications in Virology (please, search PubMed data base for "Echevarria JM"). 3. Foundational member of the Spanish Society of Virology and the European Society of Clinical Virology. Full member of the Spanish Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.
Curation scope
José M Echevarría, MSc, PhD, Chemist Specialist in Microbiology and Parasitology. Scope of expertise: Human viruses.