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Hello and welcome to my profile! I am from Biodiversity Informatics Group of the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research interests are to develop tools, propose standards and explore methods for biodiversity data collection, management and analysis. I have involved in some projects about biodiversity informatics in china like EOL-China (EOL-China is one of the regional centers of EOL and also an important content partner. It provides an access to the knowledge of species living in china.), COL-China, China Animal Scientific Database (CASD) and so on. Mainly, I am responsible for data collection and data management in these projects, and implement some tools for managing data. As we know, Biodiversity informatics develops so fast in recent years and more and more initiatives have been proposed to integrate and publish biodiversity data. Biodiversity data is growing bigger and bigger. What is the background biological knowledge hiding in these datasets? That’s what I’d like to study in the next stage.

As a 2013 EOL Rubenstein fellow, it is a good opportunity for me to mine EOL data and find out some biological knowledge. Our plan is using the multiple classifications harvested by EOL for analysis to obtain the degree of coverage and congruence among hierarchies and nomenclatures. The result is expected to reflect taxonomic differences among these hierarchies and also to find out the hotspots of taxa groups that are widely studied in most hierarchies. The project is to produce an online tool for comparing different hierarchies and visualizing the analysis consequences. There will be an interface for users to upload their hierarchies formatted in Darwin Core Archive or Bisby Core and they can compare their own hierarchies with these ones from EOL by the comparison tool. Another partner of this project is Dr. Jiangning Wang (Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) who will help to test the tool and analyze data.

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