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I am a tropical ecologist specializing in ornithology with a focus on how behavior and physiology varies along ecological gradients. I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of British Columbia and have held postdoctoral research positions at Florida State University and University of California-Berkeley. The latter research at University of California-Berkeley investigated demography, physiological tolerance, and ontogeny of crypsis in a community of jumping spiders. I earned my Ph.D. in Animal Behavior from University of California-Davis for a dissertation focusing on the influence of nest predators on behavior and physiology of Neotropical forest birds. I hold a B.A. in Biology from Harvard University and am co-founder of eco-Neotropica (, a site dedicated to conducting, disseminating, and promoting empirical scientific research in the Neotropics.

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[1] Current Postdoctoral Research at University of British Columbia in tropical ornithology laboratory; Former Postdoctoral Researcher (Florida State University), examining natural selection on nests of lance-tailed manakins in Panama; Former Postdoctoral Research at University of California-Berkeley on reproductive behavior, visual ecology, and demography of a community of jumping spiders; Ph.D. in Animal Behavior from University of California-Davis (dissertation: "Predator-driven Selection Shapes Behaviors And Life-history Of A Neotropical Rainforest Bird") [2] Relevant publication (others on organism-environment interactions): (a) Kelley, J.P. 2011. [online publication] Spotted Antbird (Hylophylax naevioides), Neotropical Birds Online (T.S. Schulenberg, Ed.). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology. (URL) (b) Tarwater, C.E., and J.P. Kelley. 2010. [online publication] Western Slaty-Antshrike (Thamnophilus atrinucha), Neotropical Birds Online (T.S. Schulenberg, Ed.). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; (URL) (c) Tarwater, C.E., Kelley, J.P., and J.D. Brawn. 2009. Parental response to elevated begging in a high predation, tropical environment. Animal Behaviour 78: 1239-1245. (d) Steiger, S.S., Kelley, J.P., Cochran, W.W., and M. Wikelski. 2009. Hypometabolism and inactive life style of a tropical rainforest bird is consistent with its high longevity. Physiological & Biochemical Zoology 82(5): 580-589. (e) Gil da Costa, R., Palleroni, A., Hauser, M.D., Touchton, J., and J.P. Kelley. 2003. Rapid acquisition of an alarm response by a Neotropical primate to a newly introduced avian predator. Proc. of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences 203: 605-610. (f) Fitch, W. T., and J.P. Kelley. 2000. Perception of vocal tract resonances by whooping cranes, Grus americana. Ethology 106: 559-574.

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birds of Panama, behavioral ecology, animal behavior