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Leszek A. Bledzki, holds a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences and a M.S. in Environmental Sciences, both from the Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun and a Forestry Engineer (Forest Management) diploma from the Forestry High School at Goraj. He has been working at Mount Holyoke College as a Research Assistant, Research Associate, Visiting Assistant Professor, and Senior Research Associate in the Department of Biology and the MW Center for the Environment. His research interests range from ecology, limnology, biostatistics and modeling, through ecosystems functioning, global climate change, nitrogen and carbon cycling in temperate peatlands to taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of Rotifera, Cladocera and Copepoda. Dr. Bledzki is the author of over 90 peer-reviewed and popular-press articles and several books.

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Faculty/Staff of Mount Holyoke College, author of over 90 papers and 3 books for identification of Cladocera and Copepoda (publications: http://www.mtholyoke.edu/~lbledzki/publ.html or https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Leszek_Bledzki2), Member of SIL and ASLO

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Worldwide: Cladocera and (freshwater) Copepoda