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My interests are in human-aided disturbances and their impacts on biodiversity, and more specifically plant-animal interactions. Mutualisms such as pollination and seed dispersal are an acute interest, particularly how they are affected by human disturbance as well how they influence tropical diversity and habitat integrity. In studying biodiversity and the ecology of mutualism over the last 2-3 decades, I also have cultivated a deeper path toward disseminating scientific information to broader audiences. In taking this path, it has meant developing inter-disciplinary research tools and techniques to further document and understand the early regeneration dynamics of trees in east African forests. Being a Tanzanian national, I have tried to undertake studies which bridge science and conservation, and in so doing, developed local and international partnerships that could help in broadening the spheres of knowledge about the topics of this EOL project. Equal partners of this project include Dr Henry Ndangalasi (University of Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA), Dr Jon Lovett (UK), and Carrie Seltzer (graduate student, University of Illinois-Chicago, USA).

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