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I am a Professor of Biology at Long Island University in Brookville, New York, USA. My research focuses on the ecology and restoration of marine mollusks, particularly bay scallops and other bivalves; most of my work is done in the field and relies heavily on Scuba diving.

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Professor of Biology at Long Island University, Brookville, NY, USA

Numerous peer-reviewed publications; most recently:

Tettelbach, S.T., K. Tetrault & J. Carroll. in press. Efficacy of Netminder® silicone release coating for biofouling reduction in bay scallop grow-out and comparative effects on scallop survival, growth and reproduction. Aquaculture Research.  Article first published online: 11 JUL 2012 DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2109.2012.03220.x

Tettelbach S.T., B.J. Peterson, J.M. Carroll, S.W.T. Hughes, D.M. Bonal, A.J. Weinstock, J.R. Europe, B.T. Furman & C.F. Smith. 2013. Priming the larval pump: resurgence of bay scallop recruitment following initiation of intensive restoration efforts. Marine Ecology Progress Series 478:153-172.

Carroll, J.M., B.T. Furman, S.T. Tettelbach, B.J. Peterson. 2012. Balancing the edge effects budget: bay scallop settlement and loss along a seagrass edge. Ecology 93:1637–1647.

Current member and former Treasurer, Vice-President and President of the National Shellfisheries Association; current member of AAAS and Conchologists of America

Curation scope
Marine mollusks of the US coasts, Caribbean and South Pacific; Ecology and restoration of marine mollusks, particularly bay scallops